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Hutchinson įtempikliai, ritinėliai, diržai


About the company:
– 165 years history
– Hutchinson Aftermarket is part of HUTCHINSON GROUP which belong to the French corporation TOTAL
– French manufacturer: Hutchinson is an OE supplier and deliver all main truck producers in Europe
– Numerous family of products for Light vehicle and Truck applications (anti-vibration, transmission, top mount, etc)

Product range:

• Accessory belts (or Poly-v belts):
– Very high belt flexibility for ease of installation (thanks to a production process using molding)
– Hutchinson was the 1st supplier to propose the Poly V belt that replaced the V belt in original equipment
– Quality that’s the same as the original (EPDM or BR)

• Accesory tensioners and idlers:
– Exclusive technology: hydraulic tensioners
– Better vibration filtration and higher durability