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Elring is an international company specializing in the production of high-quality gaskets, particularly renowned for its engine and chemical industry products. Established in 1879, the company has positioned itself as a reliable component of the supply chain in various industrial sectors. Innovation and quality are the key principles driving Elring’s operations.

One of Elring’s crucial product categories is heavy-duty truck parts. The company manufactures high-quality gaskets designed for use in truck engines and other heavy-duty vehicles. This includes various gaskets, from cylinder head gaskets to fan covers. Elring aims to ensure longevity and reliability, making their heavy-duty truck parts widely used not only by original equipment manufacturers but also by repair shops and automotive specialists.

Elring consistently expands its range of heavy-duty truck parts, considering the latest technologies and market demands. This ensures that Elring products meet high standards and are attractive to customers worldwide. By collaborating with drivers, the company strives to understand their needs and ensures that its products are not only of high quality but also user-friendly.

Why Elring?
Elring – „Das Original“

• A byword for sound experience in sealing technology for more than 140 years
• OE expertise by ElringKlinger AG – approved supplier and technology leader for the global automobile industry
• Elring spare parts in OEM quality
• Wide product range worldwide
• High-end gasket sets tailored to the respective engine repair
• Item data and additional information in online catalog and on TecDoc
• Market-driven range of spare parts for cars and commercial vehicles
• Installation videos available online

Below is a list outlining some of the key categories of Elring heavy-duty truck parts:

  1. Engine gaskets:
    • Cylinder head gaskets
    • Piston rings
    • Fan covers
  2. Exhaust system:
    • Exhaust manifold gaskets
    • Exhaust system connections and gaskets
  3. Cooling system:
    • Thermostat housings and their gaskets
    • Radiator gaskets
  4. Fuel system:
    • Fuel filter gaskets
    • Fuel pump gaskets
  5. Transmission:
    • Transmission cover gaskets
    • Shaft seals
  6. Key engine components:
    • Belt covers
    • Belt tensioner pulleys
  7. Cabin and other system gaskets:
    • Window glass gaskets
    • Door gaskets

These are just a few examples of Elring heavy-duty truck parts. The company continually expands its range, aiming to meet the needs of heavy-duty vehicle operators and ensuring the longevity and reliability of their products.