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Cojali, S.L.

Research, development and innovation are the foundations on which COJALI is built. For this reason, each of the products could come to life. From fan clutch with electronic control to valves with electro-pneumatic control, automatic levers, even diagnostics and new ECU e-ABS for trailers and semi-trailers. All of them appeared in this chapter which includes all the chapters created by COJALI.

All components undergo detailed and quality-demanding processes to ensure optimal product performance before final installation in the vehicle.


The wide range of products has been adapted to the latest technological developments for the commercial vehicles, trailers, buses, agricultural:
• servo clutches
• actuators and brake chambers
• pedal valves
• handbrake valves
• relay valves
• circuit protective valves
• pressure regulators …


The wide range which is for commercial vehicles, buses, agricultural, off-highway:
• termomovos:
fan clutches
  – Bi-metallic
  – pneumatic control
• plastic blades
• fans
• fan and fan clutch sets.


The wide range of products has been adapted to the latest technological developments for the commercial vehicles, trailers, buses:
• door control panels
• ABS sensors
• pressure switches
• temperature, pressure, oil and coolant level sensors
• revolution sensor
• brake caliper wear sensor
• and much more …


– Diagnostics for heavy duty and light commercial vehicles.
– Automatic detection of systems and error codes.
– Real-time live data monitoring.
– Actuation and calibration of components.
– Parameterizations.
– Operating time and consumption of the vehicle reading.


– System technical data (engine, transmission, brakes…)
– Interactive wiring diagram.
– Technical releases.
– Troubleshooting by symptoms and fault codes troubleshooting.
– Maintenance data.
– Vehicle technical data (engine type…)



– GRP (Garage Resource Planning) Module:
– Database synchronisation between different devices, within the same workshop, with data backups on external servers.
– Workshop task management.
– Diagnostics, maintenance and tasks management and reporting.
– Customisation of new brands and vehicle models.
– Access to the history of the vehicle. 

A video about this diagnostic and how to use it
(in the settings, you can choose Lithuanian subtitles).
Application: truck diagnostics, tractor diagnostics, trailer diagnostics, OBD diagnostics, error erasing, suspension calibration, parameter copying.

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