NexusTruck Service logotype

Strategic suppliers:

Baldwin Filters (USA)

Oil, air, cabin, coolant, hydraulic, fuel, DAHL, transmission filters, separators for various application


Borg & Beck (United Kingdom)

Brake pads, brake discs, brake drums, steering and suspension, water pumps, rotating electrics, air and electrical coils

Bosch logo

Bosch (Germany)

Batteries, diagnostic equipment, filters, bulbs, starters and generators, steering system parts, wipers, engine parts – injectors, pumps

CLAS (France)

Automotive and industrial tools and equipment

Dayco (USA)

Belt tensioners and rollers

Dinex A/S (Denmark)

Exhaust systems, tanks, flexible joints, clamps, pipes, NOx sensors, DPF filters

Don (Germany)

Brake pads and linings

Elring (Germany)

Engine gaskets, seals

FAG (Germany)

Wheel bearings and gasket kits

Febi bilstein (Germanys)

Truck spare parts

Nissens logo

HC-CARGO (Denmark)

Starters, Generators, A/C, Accessories

Hella (Germany)

Lighting and electronics components

Hengst SE & Co. KG (Germany)

Filters for various applications


Herth+Buss (Germany)

Electronics, installations, tools, lighting components

Hutchinson (France)

Belts, belt tensioners

Knorr-Bremse AG (Germany)

Brake system parts

LuK (Germany)


MANDO (South Korea)

Shock absorbers

Mansons logo

Mansons (India)

Various spare parts

Nissens logo

Nissens (Denmark)

Climate, engine cooling, exhaust system parts

NRF logo

NRF (The Netherlands)

Cooling, air conditioning parts, radiators

OSRAM lemputės

OSRAM (Germany)

Xenon, halogen bulbs

Textar (Germany)

Brake pads and linings

Wolf Oil (Belgium)


Yuasa (Japan)